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Floor Coatings for Machines Shops

The floor of a machine shop has to handle heavy impact, chemicals, and more, while still providing a safe working environment for your valued employees. With the premier selection of floor coatings for machine shops offered by TSR Concrete Coatings, we guarantee that you’ll be getting a high-performance floor that will hold up to a lifetime of heavy use. Best of all, our shop floor coating is specifically designed for fast, efficient application, which means that you’ll be back to full-service operation within 24 hours of installation.

Industrial Floor Epoxy for a High-Performance Finish

The shop floor finishes from TSR Concrete are specially-engineered to provide an optimal environment in machine shops and other heavy-use industrial applications. Cost-effective and easy to maintain, our industrial floor epoxy can be customized to the unique style and needs of your machine shop. Our shop floor coatings are also built for safety, and you’ll get a durable, slip resistant surface that keeps your employees safe in every situation.

The industrial floor epoxy finishes we offer come with several exclusive benefits and features, including:

  • Superior chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Flexible, durable shop floor coating that withstands temperature fluctuation
  • Pre-tinted flooring offered in a variety of custom colors and finishes
  • UV-stable products
  • Rapid cure times and your choice of cure rates
  • Professional installation services

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At TSR Concrete Coatings, our first priority is helping you find the ideal shop floor coating to meet the needs of your business—without breaking the bank! With a focus on durability and high-performance technology, we go above and beyond to help you improve your bottom line through efficient installation of our superior industrial floor epoxy.

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